About the Project

The technical assistance contract, signed on December 2015, and the Zafer-İn Operation started on the 7th of January 2016 is applied in the TR33 Region composed of Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya, Manisa and Uşak provinces. The total implementation time of the operation is 20 months and the approximate budget is 4.1 million Euros.

The consortium, under the leadership of WYG Turkey, Project Group (TR) and International Development Ireland (IDI) will provide technical assistance to the operation that will focus on improving the adaptability of employers and employees.

Within the scope of the operation, in order to ensure the adaptation of labor force in the Region to the changing and transforming economic structure, the creation of a Regional  Human Resources Development Center (BİGEM) within Zafer Development Agency in collaboration with the Universities, Provincial Directorates of İŞKUR, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Organized Industrial Zones and Unions, the development of sector-based human resource policies and the training of the relevant actors of the Provinces of the Region are aimed.

With this Project, the sectoral and professional tendencies and the needs of the Region will be determined; the analyses necessary to supply labor force in sectors and areas will be made within the center; awareness of public institutions and non-governmental organizations of the Region will be raised, and the long-term sustainability of the Operation will be ensured.

Within the scope of Zafer-İN Operation, the following activities will be performed to create BİGEM:


Regional labor force database: It will collect labor force data produced by central institutions and institutions of the region in a unique center and will develop a database available for the use of partners


Regional labor force software: Software that will allow making regional analysis and evaluation using the collected data will be developed.


Sectoral development and labor force needs analyses: Analyses will be performed on 9 different sectors to be defined for the region.


International study visits: International examples will be studied to make the sectors more competitive at a global level and make BİGEM operate more efficiently.


Surveys, data analyses and determination of training needs: Surveys will be implemented for 750 companies in order to determine the opinions of employers and employees about the sectoral situation in the region, labor force gap analyses will be performed and programs will be prepared according to the training needs.

Within the scope of Capacity Building Programs, training and consultancy services will be provided in order to develop the capacities of employers and employees of SMEs and to ensure an active role of the regional actors in the labor market:


More than 100.000 hours of training in total (personal training programs, vocational training, management trainings, sectoral training, etc.) will be organized.

  • 7000 person x day training to at least 700 SME employees
  • 1200 person x day training to at least 600 SME employers
  • 2000 person x day training to at least 200 public officials


Consultancy to SMEs: 5 days consultancy services will be provided to 30 SMEs selected to support capacity building activities.


Incubation Center Visits: In order to ensure synergy and collaboration with the relevant stakeholders abroad, 2 international Incubation Center visits will be organized with the participation of the representatives of SMEs developing innovative projects.

Within the scope of the operation, awareness raising activities about the importance of the adaptation of the stakeholders carrying out activities for the increase of the regional competitiveness in the TR33 Region, to the dynamic business environment and for raising awareness about the functions and responsibilities of BİGEM will be implemented and the visibility materials of the operation will be communicated to the different parts of the population.


Awareness Meetings: Awareness meetings will be  held in province centers and in some districts to be defined with the participation of at least 150 persons, training requests will collected by providing briefing about the Project


University Conferences: Conference will be organized in each university of the Province to ensure integration of the university to the Project.


Web Site: Events, trainings, operation documents (articles, reports, last updates of the project activities, training materials, etc.) will be published on the operation website (www.zaferin.org.tr). A TR33 platform will be set up in the website for the collaboration with the stakeholders members of BİGEM, members will be able to communicate with each other via this platform.


Spot Films: Spot films aiming to raise awareness of the target groups about the advantages and the expected results of the trainings for the adaptability of the employers and employees will be produced.


Press Meetings: Meetings with press will be organized to raise awareness about the activities of the operation.